Friday, December 22, 2006

Vox Pop

Another letter on about the Save our Service march in yesterday's Whitehaven News, this one from Kerry Maxwell who knows a thing or two about the community in Whitehaven.

"SIR – I attended the march and I felt I had to write, to express my congratulations to The Whitehaven News and the Rev John Bannister for organising the march to Save Our Hospital and Services.

This was an excellent expression of community solidarity. The turnout of 4,000 people proves that this community will not lie down and be complacent.

Mr Bannister made it crystal clear the issue facing our community if the hospital should close. Even if we get a new hospital we should insist that we have a fully operational service including those services that have been eroded over the past five or six years. We cannot let patients care suffer due to lack service in our area. Let’s keep up the pressure, and insist that government listens to us as one voice.



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