Saturday, April 14, 2007

On a lighter note ...

On the doorstep this evening in Bransty while, among other things, collecting signatures on our petition to support local hospitals and against the C.A.T.S. (Clinical Assessment, Treatment and Support) proposals as they currently stand.

Having just persuaded one resident to sign the petition, I asked if his wife and daughters (one of whom is a student nurse at the West Cumberland and therefore directly affected) might also like to sign. He was sure they would and the following dialogue took place

DAD - "Come and sign this to say you're against C.A.T.S."

NURSE - "What's wrong with cats?"

CANVASSER "Not the sort with four legs and a tail - the sort that's putting your job in danger!"

NURSE (laughing and reaching for pen) "Oh that kind of C.A.T.S."

(She signed, as has nearly everyone else we have spoken to, regardless of politics. Who says campaigning is boring?)


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