Monday, October 22, 2007

Questions for the PCT - part one

I will be attending a meeting in the near future to discuss questions which we should ask the Cumbria Primary Care Trust about the "Closer to Home" consultation.

Here are a few which have already been asked but still need answers

1) What types of emergency surgery will not be done at the West Cumberland Hospital "out of hours" under the proposal to limit night-time emergency, surgery at the hospital, and how many extra transfers to Carlisle or other hospitals are expected as a result?

2) How many ambulances serve West Cumbria now and how many are expected to be in place under these proposals?

Here are some more

3) Is it anticipated that the maternity unit at the West Cumbria will deliver as high a proportion of babies as at present, or will there be any increase in the number of mothers who have to go to Carlisle or another hospital to give birth?

4) We are told that the proposals to reduce the number of beds at both the West Cumberland and Community hospitals, including Millom and Keswick, are base on the assumptions that bed usage and lengths of stay can be improved to the national average. What evidence is available to demonstrate the proportion of the difference between Cumbrian hospitals and the national averages concerned are due to factors which can be changed, such as hospital operating styles, and characteristics which cannot, such as local demographics?

If you have some more suggested questions I would love to hear them - of you can contact the PCT directly.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger post said...

Why is there no mention of Palliative Care beds in the closer to home package as we cannot afford to lose this service it would be a travesty.


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