Monday, December 31, 2007

"Closer to Home"

I have taken part in a number of discussions at the "Save our Services" group in the past few weeks, including some with representatives of the trust and some with doctors.

There are a number of messages which are becoming very clear, but the most important single problem with the present consultation document is the statement that major trauma treatment will be concentrated at Carlisle.

This statement, if taken literally, represents a serious downgrading of the ability of the West Cumberland Hospital or its successor to cope with some of the most seriously ill or injured patients, and could be very bad news for those patients and for the hospital.

I believe it would be unacceptable to the community to approve the consultation document with this statement and I am hearing that it would also be unacceptable to at least some doctors.

I hope that everyone will send a clear message to the trusts that this policy should not be approved. The public meeting on 14th January at 7pm at Whitehaven Civic Hall is one place to do that but I hope that every resident reading this who agrees with me will also write in and send the same message to the trust in your own words.


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