Friday, May 31, 2013

A trip to Carlisle ...

As I drive past the West Cumberland hospital site, which I do several times a week, I can see the signs of work on the rebuild and refurbishment of the hospital.

The Business case has been approved, there are arguments about how much money is needed but the work is going on. There is no doubt that we will get a rebuilt and refurbished hospital.

I have a reminder today, however, in the form of a visit to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle for a very minor operation, that what isn't certain is how many services our shiny new hospital will have.

Oral surgery is just one of many services which have been moved to Carlisle.

Obviously it is essential that all services provided are safe and of good quality. But there are real issues with expecting people to travel to Carlisle or futher afield for medical care.

The people of West Cumberland value our local district general hospital. We have fought hard for it. We need to keep it. It is important that the new management of the NHS in this area shows continued commitment to keeping as large as possible a range of services delivered locally in West Cumbria.


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