Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Evidence that We Need West Cumberland Hospital

Anecdotal evidence maybe, but powerful none the less.

I heard this evening that a good friend of mine had taken his wife from West Cumbria to the North Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle for a planned and much needed operation this week.

She was being prepped for the operation and he was advised to come back in three hours.

When he did it transpired that the procedure had been cancelled at the very last minute because there wasn't a bed available.

There appeared to be ambulances queuing outside the North Cumberland while they tried to find space for the patients inside.

The people of West Cumbria must participate in the forthcoming consultation and make the point that, quite apart from the highly undesirable travel time to Carlisle over poor roads, there simply is not room in the North Cumberland Infirmary for the patients or operations required if they take services away from West Cumberland Hospital.

The government has found £95 million to rebuild the hospital - it would be ridiculous if the Trust cannot find a way to use that asset.

My friend's wife has been offered another appointment for Monday and I shall be praying that they manage to complete the operation this time.


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