Saturday, April 04, 2015

Don't forget: we must keep working to #SupportOption1

We must not forget the importance of retaining Consultant-led maternity services at the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven and at Furness General Hospital at Barrow.

As I have posted previously, independent assessors who looked at Maternity services in Cumbria and North Lancashire reported that they had originally intended to recommend one huge maternity unit for the whole vast area.

Fortunately when they saw what the roads and transport links are actually like they changed their minds. It was reported that:

"While prior to their visit the assessors felt this was likely to be a preferred option, because of the benefits that such a larger unit with 5,000 deliveries would have for women and their babies, given the geography involved they did not think that this option could realistically be developed further."

Instead their preferred solution was Option One:

Option 1 - Four consultant-led maternity units at Carlisle, Whitehaven, Barrow and Lancaster. The immediate development of midwifery-led units at Carlisle and Lancaster, on the same site, or next to them.

We need to remember that it is very important to insist that the NHS trusts take the necessary measures to improve morale, recruitment and retention so that this option is viable and supported.

That way we can secure the future of maternity at our hospitals.

We must continue to campaign to keep consultant-led maternity at all four sites and ‪#‎SupportOption1‬


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