Thursday, December 01, 2016

Fighting for services at our local hospitals

As I explained in a column in the Whitehaven News today, I took the opportunity last weekend to lobby a government minister in the department of health about the "success regime" proposals for healthcare in Cumbria, and particularly about maternity at West Cumberland Hospital (WCH).

He listened carefully, and then emphasized to me that the local NHS have not completed their deliberations yet and that ministers certainly have not made up their minds on any proposals which may come out of the present consultations and have not even been put to them. He stressed that anyone who has concerns and issues with the proposals should put them forward.
I stress this point because I know that many local residents are afraid that all the decisions may have already been taken. However much people at local and national level may have views about what they have heard so far, they are legally required to listen to and take into accounts the points made during the consultation and the subsequent process before any decision becomes final. I don’t believe any decisions are set in tablets of stone yet and we can, and must, put our concerns forward to use this opportunity.

If you have not already done so, please make sure you respond to the Success regime consultation before the consultation ends a week before Christmas.

You can do so online at


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