Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A new broom at the PCT

Two straws in the wind in respect of the new Cumbria Primary Care Trust and the ladies at the head of it, acting chair Maggie Chadwick and Chief Executive Sue Page.

At a meeting last week with representatives from the threatened Community Hospitals, I gather that the PCT officials who were present made encouraging noises to the effect that the Trusts may at last be re-evaluating and giving more value to the role of Community Hospitals. If this reflects a genuine change and is not just window dressing that would be very good news.

I have been listening on Radio 4's "Today" programme every morning this week to their series about where all the money spent on the NHS is going. The new boss at Cumbria PCT was interviewed this morning.

The interview sounded very interesting but when you try to work out what had actually been said in concrete terms there wasn't all that much. If the new leadership is as efficient at protecting health services as at sounding positive and helpful without actually saying very much, then the local NHS is in good hands.


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Stuart Jones (BusinessMatters) said...

I would have been a damned site happier if she hadn't had some "private" (aka expensive) PR consultant telling us black is white ie the new PCT won't cost anything because it will save £100m over the next three years.


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Chris Whiteside said...


Quite. The noises being made by the new trust are better than the noises the old trust made - e.g. the new people are trying to signal that that they don't want to close the Community Hospitals, and coming a lot closer to promising this than the previous PCT. However, it's actions rather than words which will indicate whether they're serious about this. I'd prefer to see the PCT employing consultant surgeons, consultant radiologists, and consultant obstetricians rather than PR consultants.


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