Friday, August 30, 2013

Consultant expresses concerns about WCH

In this week's Whitehaven News a consultant expresses concerns about West Cumberland Hospital - about plans to transfer more patients to Carlisle and about the current state of services.

The clinician told  the Whitehaven News that: “When Northumbria Foundation Trust was selected as a preferred health trust, there was a condition that they accepted North Cumbria ‘as it is’. However, I believe managers of Northumbria are still working to change the way services are provided in West Cumbria without any public consultation.’’

After pointing to the increased number of transfers to Carlisle and expressing a number of concerns including lack of a named consultant to provide continuity of care, poor morale leading to high staff turnover and increasing pressure on the staff who remain, he added that

“Those who are left continue to work against the odds to provide excellent care"


“We want the public to realise what is happening and demand some answers.”

You can read the full Whitehaven News piece online here.


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